Goryo-jinja Shrine 御霊神社

Goryo Jinja is the nearest historical spot from here.  I prayed for my success when I opened Ichigeya.  Pay attention to the crossing gate at the entrance because Enoden railroad cars go there.  We have the two different ways to call this shrine, one is Goryo (御霊)、and the other is Gongoro(権五郎) in the long flow of the history.  Official name these days is Goryo shrine.


Jojuin 成就院

Going toward Gokuraku ji you will see this temple soon.  Walking up to the top of the stairways, you will see the beautiful and lovely temple.  Don't miss turning around.  The ocean view from there is a great panorama. (En)



The neighborhood of Goryo shrine is quiet and surrounded by green.  Our place is covered by the green leaves, too.  On the other side, taking just a 5 minute walk, the ocean is there!  Feel the sudden change from the calm to the cheerful atmosphere.  That is Sakanoshita.



Hasedera, The great Buddha are near from here, too.  And lovely temples, shrines, an old water well, and some very long-standing stores exist in this small area.  Sakanoshita is a good place to feel the history of Kamakura.


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