Each of our items is the only-one craft works.  We hope that you would feel the creator's passion.  Therefore, some items shown on this web site may be sold out.  However we always keep making or purchasing the same kinds and believe that you could find another your favorite.


Let me explain some of them for your reference, as follows.



  Tenugui is an indispensable item for a long time in Japan.  Not limited to wiping hands, we can use it for various usages.  We stock many colors and designs made by the craftsmen, one is very traditional and the next is modern.  Tenugui culture is getting widespread again recently in Japan.  To wear it on your head or around your neck, it would be very lovely.  We wish you to come accross a nice Tenugui.



  Higo was the old name of a district in Kyushu (in the south of Japan).  Mari was a ball to play with thosedays.  These Higo Mari are the hand-made by a crafts-woman there.  She makes each ball from the cotton strings colored by natural glasses even now.




  As the other items, we have Chiyogami (Japanese paper with the colorful designs printed) of which we make cranes, for example, and Utsuwa (chinaware) such as teacups and dishes made by the craft-potters.  We think that they are also the nice items for your commemoration of Kamakura trip.


All material is free from chemicals.

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