About ichigeya

  We opened ichigeya 一花屋 in 2007 as a cafe in Sakanoshita, Kamakura.  We are offering well-qualified coffee, tea, and light meal.  They are all made from our hand-picked organic ingredients.


  We furnished our house with Chabudai (low tables), Zabuton (floor mats) and made a small courtyard so that visitors could experience to find the ordinal Japanese lifestyle in the good-old days.  We have Tenugui (hand towels) and other general goods for sale, too.


世界中的我家,  Subtitle of ichigeya means "a place where all people could feel as if they were relaxed at home."  We are looking forward to your visit to take a break here in the middle of your Kamakura tour.


 Layout of the interiors is the old Japanese style.  You are shown into the living room that has been kept from the time of those days.  Tenugui and some goods are displayed in the wall side.

 We ask our customers to take off their shoes at the entrance, and sit on Zabuton at the low tables.  It would be our pleasure if you come to like Zashiki (the Japanese room).



(We placed four seats with a standard table and one small sofa.)


  We would like people from oversease to enjoy our delicious foods and drinks in the old Japanese home.


  Thanks to the customers, Ichigeya has done well since we opened.  Also thanks to the producers of ingredients for food, cloth, tableware, and to the house builders who nicely renovated an old house.


  "Be thoughtful of others." , "Serve the body-friendly tea and food." , "Sell the products from which buyers can feel the creator's heart."  We keep these words in mind and will continue Ichigeya.


See you at "ichigeya" of Sakanoshita, Kamakura.


  I'm the storekeeper of Ichigeya.  Many of my friends call me a Tanuki (raccoon dog) for some reason.  I was born and raised in Kamakura.  Staff working with me are always friendly and like developing the communication network.



18-5 Sakanoshita Kamakura City,Kanagawa 2480021 Japan

Tel: 0467-24-9232

Hours: 10:30a.m. - 5:00p.m. (L.O)

Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday

(Irregular closed day to be informed in advance)

(En) http://ichigeya-en.com/

(Jp) http://ichigeya.petit.cc/

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